Women Together Association was founded in August 1995 by Rev. Beatrice Appiah.


The Association is established:

  1. to relieve poverty and advance education through the provision of information and advice and by facilitating access to training for women and to advance education through the provision of information which will enhance women’s access to employment and services;
  2. to relieve and rehabilitate disadvantaged women by providing or assisting in the provision of information and specialised services designed to improve their conditions of life; and
  3. to relieve stress and suffering experienced by women who have been subject to abuse and violence particularly but not exclusively by providing temporary accommodation and support to such women.
  4. to provide advisory services, counselling, training, mentoring and other youth activities to young people

WTA has motivated a lot of ethnic background women back into career life and also into education. WTA has supported women from broken homes and from abuses, has put women into refuge home, has supported women who’s children has been taken away from social services. In the past, WTA set up a women together business club that enabled women to have their own social enterprises and small businesses.

WTA has focused on empowering women and to build their self esteem. We have done many home visits,